Mike Keeps Warm in Winter

Mike on Grands Montets; keep warm in winter at home

I’ve written lots of blogs about the outdoors. I often get asked to write one about keeping warm in winter, so here goes.

We live in a stone cottage and no matter how hard we try it never gets too warm so I am pretty used to wrapping up when the winter kicks in.

First up, thick wool-type tights, under thin leggings, under jeans, that’s pretty much my lounge wear, bulky you might say but who cares if it keeps me warm. On top, I wear a vest top, then a long sleeved top, then a jumper.

In bed well that’s another matter, pyjamas and sometimes a hoody and not forgetting my hot water bottle.

Tips for Keeping Warm when Winter Walking

Of course, when out winter walking I go for the layering system and although Thermal underwear can be expensive it’s pretty invaluable on a cold day.

Other things I do, before leaving the house is warming my socks on the radiator for about 10 minutes. I’ve tried foot and hand warmers but they are bulky and not very effective. Another good tip; you should try red tiger balm rubbed into the toes, it works a bit like Fiery Jack.

Of course it’s so important to keep your head warm. A snug Woolly hat is essential – although it’s not very flattering on the hair.

Keeping warm in winter is so critical when going out for a long walk, only recently  the temperature dropped quite dramatically. It was such fun to see our slim guests looking like ‘Michelin men’ as they left for their daily walk; but at least they were warm and cosy.

It is always better to feel too warm and peel off the odd layer than to regret not putting enough on. If we were running walking holidays in the Alps in Winter we would recommend more layering.

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