Walking Can Bring About Positive Changes

Paula with group on a Peak District break

A recently published study has revealed how walking can bring about positive changes to the mind.

While common sense suggests that a walk can help to make you feel happier and calmer, a new study published shows that spending time in nature decreases negative thoughts and depression feelings by a significant amount.


Researchers compared the thoughts and feelings of walkers who hiked through an urban or a natural environment.

They discovered that those who walked for 90 minutes in a natural environment reported lower levels of negative thoughts. The walkers in a more built-up urban environment did not report the same reduction of negative thoughts. The researchers also found that walking had decreased the chances of depression and other mental illness occuring in all walkers.

Helping the Mind

So, to improve your happiness factor, it’s well worth getting outside, even for a short walk. Anything that helps the mind to think more positively has to be good for the soul.

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