Whether to Walk with Walking Poles or Not

A True Mountaineer uses Walking Poles

If someone asked me; “What is something you could not do without on a walk?” I would have to say my Leki walking poles. Not everybody likes them, but if you’re concerned about pain, especially in your knees or back, then think seriously about investing in a pair of walking poles.

Telescopic Walking Poles

There are many different types, some which are especially good for shock absorption, and others come with telescopic poles. These allow you to adjust the length on uphill and downhill. I’ve got the Leki Khumbu; they’re not cheap, so think carefully about whether you think you need them. An important tip is to make sure you buy them from a good outdoor store who can show you the right length for your height and also the adjustment for ascent and descent.

They have made such a difference to my creaky knees and they have been invaluable on our Chamonix and Dolomites walking holidays where the terrain can be quite rough.

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