Ventian Spritz

The Venetian Spritz, the drink of Italy

Venetian Spritz is THE drink of the Dolomites

The Venetian Spritz is not, shall we say, an ‘important’ drink. However, it’s red, for crying out loud, and composed of any unassuming white wine, sparkling water, and your choice of mixer.

Although the first Venetian Spritz filtered down to Italy from Austria, they were only made with white wine and soda. The newer, flashier Italian red version is a Campari creation that has become known as a Venetian.

In Ortisei, where we run our Dolomite walking holidays, it is ‘not just a drink, but a way of life’. That appealing shade of florescent orangish-red makes the Venetian Spritz extraordinarily entertaining; when you witness late afternoon sunlight angling through the glass, firing it the color of icy embers it just makes you want one.

It would seem obvious then, that you should order at least one Venetian Spritz during your stay in the Dolomites; if for no other reason than to hang out and blend in. It’s even safe to ‘try this at home’, although I must to warn you: it won’t be the same without sunshine!

The Ventian Spritz has an effect on most everyone who tries it; and the result is requests for the recipe; Mike and I love them but only as an aperitif, or after a long hard walk.

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