The Hobbit is a Magnificent Film

The Marmot is a bit like the Hobbit, but not a Badger

Last night I went to see The Hobbit in Standard 3D; I had one of the most amazing cinematic experiences in recent memory. Or should I say, since I saw the last one 12 months ago!

It lasts over two hours and from start to finish The Hobbit was magnificent. Ian Mckellen and Martin Freeman are amazing and you are instantly drawn in to the wonders of middle earth.

Running Pinnacle Walking Holidays means our hobby is walking, but I love going to the cinema, it’s a great place to spend a rainy evening or afternoon – comfy seats – bag of sweets – what more do we need?

Early on in your life, it’s a great family day out. In your teenage years, there’s the excitement of getting into a film you aren’t quite old enough for. Later still, it becomes a sneaky way into the world of romance.

Whenever, it’s a relaxing and exciting way to spend a few hours. The Hobbit trilogy has been a great start to Christmas every year for the past three years.

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