Easy Recipe for Spatzle

An Easy recipe | Kasespatzle

As we are in the Dolomites, it seemed right to blog about the fab food. Spaetzle, or spätzle, is a rustic pasta meaning little sparrow; it can make a very Easy Recipe for supper. Spatzle an Easy Recipe Most commonly associated with Germany, but Spatzle; is quite common in the Sud-Tirol region  where we run

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Italian Recipes for Bombolini

Bombolini one of many Italian Recipes for Doughnuts

Krapfen is a yummy German pastry that is made in a deep fryer. In Italy the same thing is called Bombolini and is one of Mikes favourite Italian Recipes. In Britain we know them as Doughnuts, but they never seem quite as good. Bombolini – Italian Doughnuts In Germany, Krapfen are very popular during the

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Festive Red Cabbage

Mulled Wine and Christmas are the smells of Winter Red Cabbage

This is a really lovely recipe for Festive Red Cabbage and I will be using it on our New Year’s Eve walking break to serve with a French Beef Bourguignon and Dauphinoise Potatoes. It goes down really well with Turkey at Christmas and the house smells lovely. A Pinnacle Walking Holidays favourite. Ingredients for Festive

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