When out walking a trekking in the French Alps or the Italian Dolomites we always try to capture a sense of the flora of the region and never cease to be amazed by the colours of the mountain flowers.

Choosing Walks from Walking Books

The Mont Blanc range overlooks Chamonix, home of the climbing world cup

People often ask us how we choose our walks on Italian and French walking breaks, it’s pretty easy to decide as we have spent many summer holidays in both places. But of course, we also bought lots of walking books along the way, some better than others, some calling a twelve mile walk with several

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Alpine Flowers in the Dolomites

Gentian one of the more lovely alpine flowers

Awesome snow-capped towering peaks have inspired and challenged climbers, walkers, artists and photographers for eternity. The Dolomites are also very special to one particular group of enthusiasts, those who love Alpine flowers. When the winter snows melt away, you’ll see spring flowers turn these majestic mountains into one of the greatest Alpine flower gardens in

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Alpine Walking Holidays

Beautiful wildlife; butterfly, on an alpine walking holiday

When I think back about our Alpine Walking Holidays, there were some things that stood out for me. Firstly was the amazing flora and fauna the French Alps has to offer. In the summer the weather in Chamonix becomes more stable.  We were lucky and got pretty much guaranteed sunshine on all the weeks. Don’t forget the

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Pack an Alpine Flower Book when out Walking

One to look up in your Alpine Flower Book

It happens to so many visitors to the Alps, out of the corner of your eye you spot an unusual flower, mentally storing the image, or taking a photograph you think: “I’ve forgotten my Alpine Flower book, I’ll look that up when I get back”. How often do you later forget? We do it often.

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Photo of September; Puez Odle

Puez Odle group a Stunning Dolomite Area

Views of the Puez Odle Range of Peaks Every now and again I take a photo which truly lifts my spirits. I would class myself as a very average photographer. As we visit so many stunning mountainous areas I cannot help but take a few good shots. This month I am able to make this

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Summer Alpine Holidays

French Alps walking weeks make for great Summer Alpine Holidays

Whether it’s strolling along the high, level balcony walks or drifting through the high meadows full of flowers, Chamonix is the perfect place to run Summer Alpine Holidays. There is such a variation of walks like the pale green, snow-fringed Lac Blanc or the glacial amphitheatre of La Jonction, there is something for every level

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Alpine Wildlife | The Ibex

Ibex often seen on an Alpine Walking Break

While hiking on our Alps walking breaks, and particularly in the Haute Savoie, we are always on the lookout for Alpine Wildlife especially Chamois and Ibex. The Chamois The chamois is a goat-like animal found at moderately high levels throughout the Alps. They are agile climbers and if they sense a threat they can ascend

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A Guide Book for Alpine Flowers

Gentian one of the more lovely alpine flowers

We have so many Cicerone press guide books, as do our guests. A great one for Alpine flowers is a pocket guide called Alpine Flowers by Gillian Price. It’s so great for identifying 230 of the most commonly found beautiful wild flowers of the Alps. Categorised by colour for easy identification, each flower has a

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Dolomite Walk of the Month | Alpe di Siusi

Mike among customers at Alpe di Siusi on a Dolomite walk

The Alpe di Siusi stretches out for more than 56 km². It is the largest mountain plateau in Europe making it one of the most popular areas in the Val Gardena region. All guests on our walking breaks in the Dolomites are blown away by the vast area that sits above the Hotel Digon, it’s

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Photo of the Month | An Alpine Meadow

La Tour covered in an alpine meadow

Every month we choose a photo, which we are very fond of, to put on our Photo of the Month blog. Last month we chose one taken on our walking holidays in the French Alps and have done the same this month – one of a stunning alpine meadow. We have been looking through our

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