Buying Rucksacks for a Walking Holiday

Coming down off Sassolungo with rucksacks

The first thing to consider when buying new rucksacks is the size. We would recommend considering rucksacks between 35 to 45 litres. This will assure you that you will have enough space for everything (including your all-important butties and cake).

Remember in the winter in the UK, you will be carrying more equipment with you than if you were walking in the summertime.

Something else to consider will be the style of the rucksack. Look at how many pockets it has, what the back system looks like and the overall shape of the pack and remember to check the inside.

When we are on our French Alps and Dolomites walking holidays we carry quite a lot in our rucksacks due to the fact we are quite high and the weather can change very quickly, so comfort is a very important factor – especially the back system and how it sits.

Packing it is also another consideration so before you stuff everything in your rucksack, lay it out in front of you to give everything one final check. This also gives you the opportunity to make sure that you have not forgotten anything.

Comfy rucksacks are vital on a day in the hills.

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