Rifugio Bolzano in the Dolomites

The castle in the Dolomites and the symbol of South Tyrol.

They call Rifugio Bolzano the castle in the mountains: it sits on the Sciliar/Schlern plateau and has become the symbol of South Tyrol.

An old image of Rifugio Bolzano in the DolomitesOur walk of the month is the Rifugio Bolzano; it’s a difficult walk but has the most rewarding views. It’s not on the Pinnacle Walking Holidays itinerary, but on day off if someone fancies a challenge- Mike is more than happy to do it, it’s one of his favourites.

The route to the Rifugio Bolzano and the Rifugio Alpe di Tires hut starts off at the Alpe di Siusi Aerial Cableway mountain station in Compaccio. Turn right and go to the parking lot. At the tourist office starts a tarmac road heading up. Follow the road until you reach the signpost “Sciliar” (mark 10). The path winds through the meadows of the Alpe di Siusi.

At the crucifix east of the Spitzbühl continue to walk straight downhill, turn left and join an alpine road (mark 5).

After a wooden arch bridge above the Rio Freddo River go in direction signposted “Sciliar”. From here the Tourists’ Path heads up along the north face of the Sciliar Mountain and in various turns winds up to the Sciliar (mark 1).

As you hike along the climb up gets steeper until you reach the grassy plateau of the Sciliar Mountain. On flatter terrain you continue the route to South-West, pass the trail leading to the Alpe di Tires and reach the Rifugio Bolzano hut. You can enjoy an even more stunning view from the Monte Piz, the highest point of the Sciliar mountain (20 min.).

Return to the branch leading to the Alpe di Tires and cross the plateau while enjoying some fine views (mark 4).

A walk to Rifugio Bolzano is a true Alpine day out.