Cold Crisp Days Are Great


Although it may not be the best weather for getting out and about, cold, crisp days are great, and a good time to get outside. What could be better than frost-covered hills seen against a clear blue sky? In the UK, we have such a variety of scenery, all inhabited by an equally diverse range

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It wouldn’t be Christmas without Mulled Wine

Mince Pies go well with Mulled Wine

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Mulled Wine, that festive smell around the house is just great. You have two options for making mulled wine. The first is to simply buy mulled wine spices and a bottle of red wine, heat them on the hob (without boiling) and hey presto. If you prefer to make your

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Exercise and Physical Activity

French Alps walking holiday

We know Exercise and Physical Activity have so many health benefits Exercise and physical activity can be helpful in preventing or managing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer and stroke. It is also fabulous for improving your mental well-being. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) This body recommends increasing physical activity for

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Cashew Nut Burgers

Chalet Veggie Mains | Cashew Nut Burgers

Cashew Nut Burgers are great as we get so many different guests requiring special types of food on our all-inclusive French Alps and Peak District walking holidays. The most common request is for vegetarian, so I am always looking for easy vegetarian recipes. Cashew nut burgers are delicious and very popular; they are a good

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Four in a Bed

Grattondale where Four in a Bed winners are situated

How pleased we both were that Dale End House won Four in a Bed. This is a lovely place to come and relax and we are lucky to have it as our chosen accommodation in the Peak District. The Lodge It is so cosy and has everything you need for your stay. The view from

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Chamonix Walking Breaks

Summer in Chamonix Walking Breaks, home of the Mont Blanc Marathon

If you’ve seen our Facebook posts, you will know we are now in Les Houches and half way through this year’s Chamonix walking breaks. Chamonix is a French town It has a  big international reputation, as the home of extreme sports. Of course it is also home to the famous landmark Mont Blanc, the largest mountain

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Pinnacle’s Favourite Walking Trails

Views from the Prairion one of our Favourite Walking Trails

Summer in Chamonix is all about being outside – whether that’s trekking in the mountains on one of our favourite walking trails, or shopping in town. Here is one of Pinnacle’s Favourite Walking Trails. Alpage de la Charme. A short walk from the Prarion gondola brings you to the aptly named alpine pastures of La

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Tomato Goats Cheese Crumble

Tomato Goats Cheese Crumble. A tasty vegetarian dish

I love vegetarian food; it’s so colourful and tasty. That’s why I like to make Tomato Goats Cheese Crumble. We have quite a few veggie friends and they seem to think the choice in restaurants and pubs is quite poor. We get a lot of vegetarian guests which gives me the chance experiment with different

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Best Stops on the way to the Dolomites

Best Stops on the Way to the Dolomites

I often get asked by guests about the Best Stops on the way to the Dolomites. There are so many good hotels to stay in, however some stand out more than others. For me, the Hotel Kreuz on Lake Constance has to be the best stop on the way to the Dolomites we have come across

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Vegetarians eating out in Europe


A good days hiking in the French and Italian Alps always gives you a great appetite. For Vegetarians eating out in Europe, this can be a problem. The  choice in France can be very limited, but with Italy it’s a different matter; pizza and pasta in abundance. Over the years we have eaten in many

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