Paula’s Recipes

I Love Mince Pies at Christmas Time

Mince Pies go well with Mulled Wine

I love mince pies – that tiny, tender tart that somehow manages to say its Christmas. Surely this is the most famous sweet pie of all, with its crumbly butter pastry and filling of fruits, sugar, candied citrus peels and alcohol. The very best mince pies have pastry so fragile that it collapses in the

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Easy Apple Cake – Smells Divine

Easy Apple Cake for hungry walkers

I’ve been making cakes for years and everyone loves this remarkable recipe for an easy Apple Cake. On our Peak District short breaks guests love to come back to the smell of homemade cake. The apples can be windfalls or even shrivelled ones from the fruit bowl. Serve warm with ice cream or crème fraîche

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Chocolate Mint Parfait Recipe

Chocolate Mint Parfait served in the Dolomites

Looking for an extra special dessert to serve up at your next dinner party? This brilliant chocolate mint parfait recipe was made for us and our guests at Hotel Digon and is so delicious. It’s an easy, no fuss option to have at a dinner party, especially if you don’t want to leave your guests

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Easy Baked Cheese Souffles

Twice Baked Cheese Souffles a great French Alps starter

I usually put these Easy Baked Cheese Souffles on the menu of our UK walking breaks as they are so easy to pre-make and freeze. As they are so tasty and popular I have decided to put them on the menu in the summer too. I have to say, trust me, these are truly very

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Easy Recipe for Spatzle

An Easy recipe | Kasespatzle

As we are in the Dolomites, it seemed right to blog about the fab food. Spaetzle, or spätzle, is a rustic pasta meaning little sparrow; it can make a very Easy Recipe for supper. Spatzle an Easy Recipe Most commonly associated with Germany, but Spatzle; is quite common in the Sud-Tirol region  where we run

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Tartiflette a Dish from the Savoie

Tartiflette is a local French Alps dish

Spending our summers in the Savoie is fantastic and gives me the opportunity to serve Tartiflette a very popular local dish. As yet I have not been in a restaurant in Chamonix that does not serve this tasty cheese dish. It is perfect served with Charcuterie, cornichons, pickles and some crusty bread. This recipe for

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Cashew Nut Burgers

Chalet Veggie Mains | Cashew Nut Burgers

Cashew Nut Burgers are great as we get so many different guests requiring special types of food on our all-inclusive French Alps and Peak District walking holidays. The most common request is for vegetarian, so I am always looking for easy vegetarian recipes. Cashew nut burgers are delicious and very popular; they are a good

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Smoked Haddock Risotto

Smoked Haddock Risotto is a very popular in the French Alps

We think smoked haddock risotto is a  really tasty supper; the flavours of the fish and white wine are great together. I have never tried to buy smoked haddock in France but in the UK it is readily available and well-priced. Served with some baby tomatoes roasted in honey and olive oil finished off with

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Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Chocolate Biscuit Cake is very popular in the Peak District

Chocolate Biscuit Cake has to be the biggest favourite with all our guests. I make it on all our catered holidays in the Peaks and Chamonix. It is perfect to eat whilst sat on the top of a mountain. Most recipes use cooking chocolate but I don’t – I only use Cadburys; it seems to

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Afternoon Tea Favourite of our Guests

Pinnacles Afternoon Tea Favourite; Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

An afternoon tea favourite of our guests; not necessarily the best but certainly in the top ten. Courtesy of Jamie Oliver, well his Nan actually, it is a scrummy version of lemon syrup cake with the addition of ground almonds and poppy seeds. You can make it in a loaf tin. I have also made

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