Otzi the Iceman has Home in the Otztal Alps

Averau in the Dolomites, home to Ozti the Iceman

On a sunny day in 1991, Erika and Helmut Simon from Nuremberg in Germany, were walking in the Ötztal Alps. As they walked passed a rocky gully filled with meltwater, they noticed something brown on the gully bed. The Germans inspected what they first thought was some sort of rubbish, but quickly realised that they had discovered a human corpse. Otzi the Iceman was found.

The Germans could only see the back of the head, the bare shoulders and part of the back jutting out of the ice and meltwater. The corpse lay with its chest against a flat rock and its face obscured. Before leaving the scene, they took a photograph of the suspected victim of a mountaineering accident a few years before.

At this point nobody could have imagined that the dead man was soon to gain worldwide fame. Otzi the Iceman is named after the Otztal Alps and is now displayed in Bolzano in the South Tyrol of Italy and is the oldest known natural human mummy.

Many of our guests take the opportunity to visit Bolzano on their day off. In summer, Bolzano is reputed to be the hottest city in Italy. Bolzano has some great shops and restaurants and is the capital of the South Tyrol.

Guests can take a bus which runs from outside the Hotel Digon in Ortisei. The bus takes about an hour to reach Bolzano passing through spectacular scenery.

Guests who visit Otzi the Iceman have a great day out and a day off walking.

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