Lathkill Dale on a Sunday in the Peak District

Guests on the Limestone Way Lathkill Dale, a Peak District walk

Sunday turned out to be a much better day than we expected. We chose a walk in the Peak District which took us through Lathkill Dale.

Sadly the footpath had disappeared due to the heavy rain over the past week. The walking was not so much fun, however the wildlife and flowers made up for this.

We came across a beautiful plant called Jacobs Ladder and lots of baby Mallards and Coots on the river. The Peak District is such a lovely area.

You could join us for our guided short walking break in the Peak District for four days from October 2nd as we still have some spaces left. It’s such a lovely area for an easy guided walking break.

Lots to do this week in preparation for our French Alps walking holiday which is coming up soon, so looking forward to it.