Italian Food Tour with German Influence

Italian Food Tour at the Hotel Digon Ortisei

Although Pinnacle Walking Holidays is all about walking I would love to diversify and run a week long Italian Food tour.

There’s so much to discover in the Val Gardena region of Italy. Although it is the majestic Dolomite Mountains that will leave the longest-lasting and most memorable impression. The description of our walking holidays in the Dolomites as an Italian Food Tour would not be unjust.

The three villages of Val Gardena, SELVA, ST CHRISTINA and ORTISEI all deliver enough top-quality eating experiences to last a lifetime.

Italian food in this region is very different to what we know as ‘Italian food’: The German influence is very evident in most dishes, big favourites being Barley soup, Canerdeli (a savoury dumpling), apple strudel served with vanilla sauce: All delicious.

When we are running our Dolomite walking holidays we use the excellent Hotel Digon, the food they produce is superb. Every night five courses are served; starting with the Antipasti buffet, an explosion of colour and taste await.

Always a small Pasta dish arrives with a variety of meat or vegetables. Then Consommé or Minestrone soup followed by a tasty meat course usually from the farm.

Alas the dessert arrives, always beautifully presented. Our favourites are Plum Dumplings and Krapfen (a type of doughnut). However, special mention should go to a trio of different Strudels and so many different Parfaits, Mousses and Soufflés.

Guests say we should call our Hotel Digon based weeks a food experience with walks included. Maybe I should call it my Italian Food Tour.

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