A Good Breakfast is a Good Start

Good Breakfast is a Continental Breakfast Buffet

We often get asked what’s the best food to take for a long day’s walk. We usually say a good breakfast is a good start to the day and is really important. People have sung the praises of a good breakfast for many years, and they’re correct – the right breakfast can help set you up for the day.

But the last thing you need is a stodgy cooked breakfast, tempting as it might sound on a chilly morning. You’re much better off having porridge, which will release energy into your system gradually, and which will serve you much better out on the mountain, rather than feeling full and bloated.

A Good Breakfast is Just the Start of your Day

Chocolate is a really good energy boost around mid-morning, also a flapjack or some form of sweet cake. As Mike and I don’t really have a sweet tooth we tend to take small bags of raisins. Bananas are also good as they are high in potassium and help to ward off cramp.

At lunch time, it’s always a sandwich for us and an energy bar or fruit. Whatever you eat, the most important thing throughout the day is fluid. It’s always water for us but some people prefer juice or a hot drink.

The great thing about being in Chamonix or the Dolomites is the fact there is always an alpine hut to stop in for a hot or cold drink. It saves too much unnecessary weight in your rucksack.


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