French Alps Walking Holidays Travel

French Alps Walking Holidays Travel. The nearest airport serving Chamonix Mont Blanc our destination in the French Alps is Geneva; CLICK HERE for the Geneva Airport website.

  • Airlines flying from the UK to Geneva include; EasyJet and Jet2.
  • You might like to try Skyscanner to help select your nearest airport and find the cheapest flight for your destination.
  • National Express coaches run throughout the UK and Europe.
  • Rail Europe and Ffestiniog Travel can organise Trains from London to Paris using the Eurostar, then Paris to Geneva for Chamonix. We have travelled on day and night trains to the French Alps and are happy to give further advice if this is your preferred method of transport.
  • Another highly recommended website is Travel Line they can plan your journey from your door to your chosen destination, they are also very good for checking road and motorway congestions.

We are more than happy to help with any advice or travel information you may need.

You may also want to consider driving down through France before your walking holiday, we love doing this; it is a great way to see more of the country and take a few days to relax and unwind – and the route goes directly through the Champagne region!

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