Cleaning Walking Boots

Cleaning Walking Boots need not be a chore; your choice of footwear for walking, especially winter walking

So, you’ve been out having some fun in the countryside, or maybe just working in the garden. The point is, you’ve been working hard in the mud and wet and now you’re done and you want your tea. Cleaning walking boots is the last thing on your mind as you are tempted to throw your boots in the closet and be done with it.

Don’t do that. Putting away grubby boots can result in cracked and rotted leather: In other words, it can knacker your boots.

Cleaning Walking Boots

  • Brush all the dirt with a good stiff brush. Keep a boot brush by the door just to make this habit easy to keep. Make sure you get all the dirt from along the seams and the laces and tongue.
  • Now take your boots off and knock the soles together to get out any dirt in the cleats. Best to do this over a newspaper.
  • Turn the boots upside down and shake out any dirt that’s inside.
  • Next, take out the laces and insole. You need to clean these else the bits of dirt will rub into the fibres and wear them out. Wash these in a little bit of water with some Nikwax Tech Wash and the dirt will come out. Squeeze out the excess water and hang the laces and insoles up to dry.

This may seem like a lot of work, but Cleaning Walking Boots on a regular basis will hep you lengthen the life of your boots; don’t forget they can be a very expensive piece of kit to replace.

At Pinnacle Walking Holidays Mike is in charge of cleaning walking boots and keeping all our boots in good condition: Great Job Mike.

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