Christmas Time with Snow

Christmas Snow in the Peak District

Well the clocks have gone back. With it comes a long stretch of dark nights and very short days. It’s not all bad news though as Christmas time is approaching and it seems to lift everyone’s mood.

Rather than getting too downhearted about dark evenings we tend to focus on the positive and look forward to the start of our season in the UK.

We love Christmas especially since our two nieces have four gorgeous children between them, it makes Christmas day such fun.

Autumn and Winter days are short, cold, and usually wet. Don’t let this get you down, there’s something really nice about setting off not a brisk walk to warm up and get some fresh air.

Preparing Menus for the French Alps

Not to wish the time away, but it’s hard when the rain is beating against the windows. I try not to spend too long day dreaming of warm days and long light evenings. They seem a long way off, but it won’t be long before I am preparing for our French Alps walking holidays.