Photo of the Month

The Bass Rock; North Berwick

Bass Rock in North Berwick, a great place to have Walking Holidays in the UK

The Bass Rock is home to over 150,000 gannets at the peak of the season. The gannets spend most of the year on the Bass. They stay until the end of October when they set out on their long journey south. Many going as far as the west coast of Africa. The lower ledges of

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Photo of the Month | The Ibex


It isn’t long before our next walking tour to the Dolomites. At the moment we are trying to find time to put together our calendar of walking holidays for 2021 The problem is we keep getting distracted by all our wonderful photographs taken in Chamonix. We have chosen our photo of the month to be

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Alpine Flowers in the Dolomites

Gentian one of the more lovely alpine flowers

Awesome snow-capped towering peaks have inspired and challenged climbers, walkers, artists and photographers for eternity. The Dolomites are also very special to one particular group of enthusiasts, those who love Alpine flowers. When the winter snows melt away, you’ll see spring flowers turn these majestic mountains into one of the greatest Alpine flower gardens in

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Herdwick Lambs in the Spring

Herdwick Lambs an unique Lakeland feature

Herdwick lambs are born black, but as they mature they develop white, or hoar-frosted, head and legs. Herdwicks are the native breed of the central and western Lake District and live on the highest of England’s mountains. They are extremely hardy and are managed in the traditional way on the Lake District fells. Lakeland has

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Living Close to White Nancy

Wild Flowers on White Nacy

From the Velux window in our bedroom I can see White Nancy and the first snow of 2020, it’s only a dusting but it looks ever so pretty. So much goes on in the village of Bollington in Cheshire. We have the Christmas lights switch on with mulled wine and mince pies. Then of course

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Best Photo of the Month | Ortisei

Out best photos of Ortisei, the best photo from a Dolomite Walking Holiday

Mike and I always feel a little flat at this time of year as we try to choose our best photo from this year’s Dolomites and Chamonix walking holidays. As things slowly return to normal back in Bollington in the Pinnacle Walking Holidays office we have lots of lovely photos and happy memories. These images

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Photo of September; Puez Odle

Puez Odle group a Stunning Dolomite Area

Views of the Puez Odle Range of Peaks Every now and again I take a photo which truly lifts my spirits. I would class myself as a very average photographer. As we visit so many stunning mountainous areas I cannot help but take a few good shots. This month I am able to make this

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Photo of the Month | Carvings in Garden

Carvings Found in Garden at Argentiere

My photo of the month February was taken of these carvings on our French Alps walking holidays. Mike and I were checking out a new walking route above Argentiere. We walked passed a small group of chalets and these two carvings were in a garden they looked so great. It’s never very hard to find

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A Few of my Favourite Things

Chamonix Valley Flegere Favourite Things

I think we all have favourite things; favourite mountains as well favourite walks. Although I suspect in many cases the two are not necessarily the same. Favourite views are another thing. A Few of my Favourite Things Sometimes my favourite times are not on the summits of various mountains, but spending it with special friends

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A Walk Along the John Muir Way

Bass Rock in North Berwick, a great place to have Walking Holidays in the UK

Every year we visit one of our favourite coastal towns, North Berwick in Scotland. We particularly like walking the John Muir Way, it’s such a change for us as its flat; unlike anything at our Pinnacle Walking Holiday destinations. We are so lucky as our very special friends Bruce and Val live there. They have

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