Alpine Flowers in the Dolomites

Gentian one of the more lovely alpine flowers

Awesome snow-capped towering peaks have inspired and challenged climbers, walkers, artists and photographers for eternity. The Dolomites are also very special to one particular group of enthusiasts, those who love Alpine flowers.

When the winter snows melt away, you’ll see spring flowers turn these majestic mountains into one of the greatest Alpine flower gardens in the world.

Alpine Flowers enthusiasts adore the Dolomites. They come to find the best Alpine flowers. To some it might be the Edelweiss and to others the Lady’s slipper orchid.

Our walking holidays in the Dolomites are too late for the Lady’s slipper. As our guest, you are likely to see, admire and fall in love with Edelweiss, Globe Flowers and Gentians in abundance.

After a day’s walking we return to the Hotel Digon and share photographs of stunning scenery and spectacular Alpine flowers. Irma and Giovanni, who own the Hotel Digon, grow Edelweiss by their front door, it’s so special to see.

We usually leave the Dolomites in mid-September. We find it difficult to leave when the trees are turning into magical autumn colours and the meadows are filled with Crocuses.

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